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Storkhouse” is first prize recipient of “Austrian Tourism Innovation Award 2014”


WATCH VIDEO REPORT: Exhibition “Storkhouse” in Fukuoka, Japan (April 26 – May 25, 2014)


Storkhouse is a unique artwork and guesthouse designed by Japanese star-architect Terunobu Fujimori in Raiding, the birthplace of composer Franz Liszt. It is supported by the Raiding Foundation as part of its commitment to further the cultural exchange between Austria and Japan.  Storkhouse is part of the Raiding Project that Roland Hagenberg initiated in 2010 with the goal to create experimental miniature buildings by Japanese architects in Raiding – a one hour’s drive by car South of Vienna. Construction was finished October 27, 2012. It has been open to the public since April 2013. Storkhouse provides accommodation also during the seasonal Franz Liszt Festivals.

WATCH: Exhibition “Storkhouse” in Fukuoka, Japan (April 26 – May 25, 2014)

WATCH 2012-10-27 news Austrian TV ORF.

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ACCOMMODATION: Storkhouse is open to all members of the Raiding Foundation. To apply please write to: email hidden; JavaScript is requiredYearly membership fee Raiding Foundation: Euro 30,–; Expense contribution per overnight stay at Storkhouse Euro 200,– (independent of the number of guests). In case of several guests, at least one guest should be member of the Raiding Foundation. See also: ABOUT

Roland Hagenberg and his project partner Richard Woschitz took great pains, that Storkhouse provides all the amenities for a relaxing and introspective stay.  It is equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, shower, high-tech toilet (TOTO Neorest), open fireplace, internet, audio and a library of Fujimori’s and Roland’s books. Furniture, kitchen and door frames had been designed by Fujimori and were developed by Dominik Petz/Baukunst with Ecker GmbH.  Pillows and textile designs were created for Storkhouse by Angelica Steudel/AS WORKS. Steudel is also a contributor to the Comme des Garcons fashion label. The distinctive hand-crafted black plates and cups are creations by Paris-based Setsuko Nagasawa.

Photos: Philipp Kreidl/DER STANDARD and Roland Hagenberg

Storkhouse is already home to storks that nested for the first time during summer 2012 while the building was still under construction. Every year they leave at the end of August, spend their winter in Africa and return to Raiding  in April.

1. Stork landing; 2. Love birds with full moon over Raiding; 3. Architect Terunobu Fujimori at construction site. Photos Roland Hagenberg

Design details were created with exquisite craftsmanship especially for Storkhouse: 1. Kenji Omachi’s wooden lacquer bowl with Japanese character for “Stork” by Mari Nishida; 2. Pillow design by Angelica Steudel/AS WORKS; 3. Kitchen drawers by Terunobu Fujimori produced by Dominik Petz/Ecker GmbH.

Collaboration with Fujimori: 1. Dominik Petz discussing table design; 2. Richard Woschitz refining construction details; Roland Hagenberg selecting tree for Storkhouse.

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